UnBarred x Good Chemistry: Watermelon Mojito

We are thrilled to have collaborated again with the Good Chemistry team and this time here in Brighton for our refreshing Watermelon Mojito Gose.

When developing the beer we knew that we wanted to deliver a full-bodied and great tasting beer traditional at heart but with our signature innovative twist. Given the time of year and our mutual love for sunshine smashers, both teams decided on a refreshing Gose with a classic salty backbone and a zippy Mojito and Watermelon twist.

True to both breweries integrity, this beer has been lovingly produced with the flavours coming naturally from the high quality fruit we sourced. We hand juiced 180 watermelons, zested 200 limes and added fresh mint, coriander, muscovado sugar and flaked sea salt to create this salivating cocktail-inspired beer.

Good Chemistry Brewing was founded in 2015 by Bob & Kelly in their East Bristol home with a 10-barrel kit and huge passion for beer and the industry. Since then, they continue to run a open, accessible and inclusive brewery with a commitment to thoughtfulness and quality in everything they do. Delivering great beer alongside these ideologies has only furthered our enjoyment in working together.

A Mojito is a traditional Cuban cocktail that deliveries a combination of sweetness, citrus and herbaceous mint flavours. We’ve taken the key elements from this cocktail to blend harmoniously with the base of a tradition Gose, and brewed to a sessionable 5.5%. Prominent and natural aroma of fresh watermelon rind, citrus and fragrant mint carries through to the pallet.