UnBarred x Drop Project: Saison

We have teamed up with long-time friends, Drop Project. Based in Mitcham, South London, Drop Project are focused on creating the freshest, premium flavoursome beers with consistently high-quality results. Pushing creative boundaries and brewing the beers that inspire their passions for the industry and their lifestyles. The fantastic team have also worked on their Green Mandate since their creation in 2019. With various tree planting schemes such as One Brew One Tree initiative and other environmental conscience practices, they focus on doing things right. 

We came together to chat about the beer we’d like to brew– while sharing our schedules the guys were really up for evolving our idea of a Saison.

When brewers come together there is quite often an expectation to add  fruits or hops into a beer. Instead of heading this way, we opted to make a very palatable and interesting Saison with easy-drinking ABV, interesting complexity and New Zealand Hops while being balanced with complex blends of French and Belgium yeast strains.

We were lucky enough to source some Nectaron which is a hop in oil form from New Zealand which we have not seen much over here in the UK as of yet. Passionately crafted over 17 years, Nectaron displays high levels of tropical fruit characters of pineapple and passion fruit as well as stone fruit (peach) and citrus (grapefruit).

This beer showcases our true and proud route to continental styles with an UnBarred twist. Continental styles have such a wonderful heritage. We have been able to get so much expression from the yeast strains alone. Partnered with these exciting New Zealand hops, we have been able to create something that represents a continental style with modern attributes.

Our Saison is available now.