Top of the list, head of the heap, king of the hill…

Collaborations come in all shapes and sizes, but when we get together with our good friends at Brew York that size is usually big. Big in flavour, big in creativity, and big in ambition. And for that reason, Brew York is always top of our list when we’re talking about collaborations! So, when we spoke early in 2023 and decided to get together to create another flavour experience, we couldn’t wait to start spreading the news. Brew York were coming back to town, and we were waiting with open arms, and a tonne of fruit. Literally.
In somewhat of a tradition, having brewed 2 big fruit beers previously with Brew York in Cherry Berry Pastry Sour, and more recently Granny Smith’s Brambling Habit Apple Pie Pastry Sour, we got to working on a big fruity number that once again combines both our brewing styles, whilst pushing boundaries and innovation. So, what did we come up with? One word. Honeyberries!
So, what on earth is a Honeyberry? Native to Siberia and Northern China, but readily grown in the UK, they’re vibrant purple in colour with flavours of cranberry, grape and plum. Brew York’s Lee Grabham says ‘We had both independently heard of Honeyberries, but neither of us had worked with them previously. Described as being like the love child of the Blueberry and Raspberries it sounded like something interesting to work with in a pastry sour, which is a style we both have a lot of love for’.
For the beer we’ve used our ever-popular Berliner Weisse base and nearly a whole tonne of Honeyberry puree. Added in two parts along with additions of cinnamon and vanilla, the resulting beer pours a beautiful deep purple with pink foam. Tart red berries on the nose with a hint of pastry crust, on first sip you get an overwhelming mix of soft raspberry and cranberry, followed by hints of grape and plum, and finishing off sweet with cinnamon and vanilla notes.
Available in can and keg, you won’t want to miss out on this intriguing collaboration which combines our series of classy pastry sours with Brew York’s nod to cramming as much flavour into a beer as possible!