The Return Of The Long Black

The Long Black: A long Journey from Shed to Brewery

The Long Black is a true heritage beer in the UnBarred story, first brewed in the shed where we started our journey, bottled and sold through a very select amount of local bottle shops.

Jordan encapsulated his love of the traditional Porter, whilst making the recipe wholly UnBarred with his careful choices of coffee and malt as best to get the most out of this beer. After its success, Jordan took to local landmark, The Watchmakers Arms, to rebrew this flavoursome Porter to be a part of Rick’s micro-pub beer festival.

With this being The Long Black’s first return in such a long time, Jordan took the opportunity to work with our friends at Brighton’s prestigious coffee roasters, The Milk Shed when choosing the coffee that would best lend a sumptuous flavour profile to this beer.

Taking part in a ‘cupping’ with the Milk Shed team, we tried numerous amazing coffees, including the one we decided would be the ideal pairing in this recipe. The Elox delivers a creamy macadamia body, crisp, green apple acidity, berries and a delicious cacao nib finish.

This fantastic coffee hails from the Sierra Mazateca region to the north of Oaxaca City, Eloxochitlán de Florés Magon, an area characterised by dramatic mountainous topography and remote access. Production yields are small, with most producers in the association harvesting less than one bag of coffee per year. Although challenging at times, the climate and altitude also lend themselves to positive cup attributes, and coffees from the Mazaeteca number among the most complex and highest quality of Mexican lots.

Vibrant and balanced, Elox is no exception. A washed processed coffee, Elox is fermented for 48 hours before being dried on petates, traditional hand-woven mats.

The Long Black delivers intense aromas of freshly brewed coffee, malt sweetness and dark berries.  Silky smooth chocolate and a dark roasted malt backbone sit alongside notes of red berries from English Brambling Cross hops all balanced with fresh, cold pressed coffee. The Mexican blend coffee, Elox further enriches the fruity charter of this robust porter with the coffees notes of redcurrant, apple, raspberry & cocoa nibs.

This well-balanced, dark and robust Porter is currently heading out to all good cask serving pubs!

We’re big fans of The Watchmakers and they have been great supporters of the brewery, so it was only right that we had both Rick and Ruth in to lend a hand on brew day and we’ll be heading to The Watchmakers to launch this robust coffee porter on Thursday 20th October.

Join us at The Watchmakers for a pint of this dark, satisfying 5% Porter or pop in the taproom to grab some!

The Long Black is available now on cask at all good pubs.