Roger Bamber NEIPA Series #04.21

What makes Brighton?

Brighton! This is not an ordinary place. It has the Magic of the Sea. The Southern Light. The Free Thinking Creative, Free Spirited people who bring Weird and Wonderful things to the town that make it into a City that has its own individual character unlike anywhere else.

About Roger Bamber

Roger Bamber, Photojournalist. Roger has cultivated a reputation for having a keen eye for capturing the moment, from Live Aid to his home of Brighton.

Roger’s career began through the Graphics at Art college in Leicester in 1960. Photography was one of the subjects under the graphics umbrella and as soon as Roger got the camera in his hand, it clicked.

Roger took his learnings and passion and secured his first role as an assistant photographer and returned to the art college in a teaching role.

Backed by a decent portfolio of pictures to show what Roger is capable of, he secured a position at The Daily Mail newspaper in Fleet Street. This cemented photojournalism as Roger’s career choice. 

After five years at the Mail, Roger was headhunted to join The Sun for its relaunch in 1969 as a News Photographer whilst also covering features and, Roger’s personal passion music and musicians.

Roger’s 19 years at The Sun had him doing news stories, wars and lots of music events, including Live Aid. During this time, Roger picked up a few awards including British Press Photographer of the year and Twice News Photographer of the year.

In 1988, Roger joined The Observer for a couple of years before joining The Guardian's team of photographers for the next 24 years.

During this time, he also worked with Brighton council doing the photographs for the Town’s successful City bid campaign and won another Photographer of the Year Gong, this time for The Guardian.

We are thrilled to be able to share some of Roger’s fantastic work in our NEIPA series, and share Roger’s passion for Brighton.