As all UnBarred drinkers know, we love working with fruit and hops to create big and bold new beers. Back in the distant mists of time when we first started out as home brewers we made a couple of SMASH (single malt and single hop) beers. They were a great way to develop our understanding of how ingredients work, but on their own SMASH beers could be a little one dimensional. So we decided to take the core idea of SMASH beers and give it our own UnBarred twist: welcome to the Single Hop, Single Fruit range, or SHSF. With this series we've decided to use a combination of the best ingredients we’ve played with before and showcase them in the purest and punchiest way possible. All the malt bases are similar, using oats and wheat for softness and a pale ale base malt to showcase the hops and fruit. The hops all have an aspect of the fruit pairing and the beers will have roughly the same volume of hops with similar edition times.

Kicking off the range is our Grapefruit and Simcoe 7% SHSF #1. Simcoe is one of our all-time favourite hops, all delicious citrus and pine making it a no-brainer to pair with grapefruit. The first keg version went out this week with a  great balance between hop and fruit but we want to step up the grapefruit for the canned version which will drop in the next couple weeks.   SHSF #2 &#3 are already in the beer pipeline...

You'll also see that this range has a smashing new can design thanks to illustrator and designer extraordinaire Josh Neal, who went to town on our classic cans with a set of pens. Check him out at 

23 June 2018