Visitors to our Brighton Taproom enjoy being able to choose not only from 16-tap wall of keg beers but also from the super fresh cask beer on offer. And for February that means you can sink a pint of our super sessionable 3.5% Table Beer and also our brand-new 4.5% Maple Mild.

At UnBarred we believe that good things flow freer when life’s let off the leash. When we’re free from rules, free from norms and free from what’s expected, it’s only then that we’re free to make things truly different. That’s why we thought we would turn our hands to a now-neglected British classic but give it an UnBarred twist; the Maple Mild.  This was a blast to create. Jordan’s first brewing passion was cask beer; he was taught by the one-time head brewer at Greene King who obviously knew a thing or two about cask. So it was just like the old days back in the brew shed working on this beauty, but ending up with 40 casks instead of just one.

Maple Mild real ale has a classic caramel malt base, goes easy on the hops and hums along with a subtle vanilla undercurrent and a top layer of sweet maple, perfect for these cold February nights. It comes in at 4.5%, a slightly beefier beer than many current day Milds, but a nod back to the days when this was the most popular style in the country and a strong XXXX mild would even crank up to 7%. We hope you enjoy drinking it as much as we enjoyed brewing it. And if you have any ideas for what else you’d like to see on cask at the Taproom, just give us a shout!