Anchor IPA 4.9%

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This 4.9% California Common IPA has the crispness of a lager and the complexity of an Ale. 

Pouring bright amber with a frothy, thick head. Aromas of toasted malt, fruity hops & underlying pine jump out of the glass. 

Caramel malt & fruity citrus notes sit in harmony to create a clean bitterness and a smooth finish for the perfect hybrid of the lager & ale styles. This beer has been designed to quench your thirst.

Historically a style from Bavaria, Germany before being well known for its association with San Francisco California Common beers are made by fermenting lager yeast at warmer than normal temperatures which gives the beer its unique style and flavor profile. 

This isn’t the greatest beer in the world, it’s a tribute. 

Ingredients: Water, Barley, Hops & YeastAllergens in Bold.

440ML | This Beer Is Vegan