UnBarred x The Milk Shed: Bock

Bock Beer. Iconic, with an esteemed legacy spanning hundreds of years. The style originated in Einbeck, Germany and has seen many variations experimenting with the effects of certain ingredients, yeast strains on a wort of high gravity.

This beer is our ode to a traditional style, heaped with history, given an UnBarred twist. We teamed up with our local coffee roasters, The Milk Shed to create this gorgeous balanced treat, the Bock.

Enter the Bock, a German dark Lager with cold steeped coffee. Expect a dark appearance from a complex grist of malts lending dark berries and fruits, caramels, chocolate roasted notes and aromas of roasted coffee, accentuated with cold steeped coffee. It drinks like a lager full of complexity and character, clean & remarkably drinkable.

We've taken the best of Lager & Ale styles of Bocks and fermented warm with a lager yeast strain to create our take on a Bock and matured on cold steeped coffee. The Milk Shed selected the perfect coffee, "Finca Muxbal" blend. The coffee has notes of crisp red apples & pears lending acidity which pair and balance perfectly with the malty profile of our Bock.

The Milk Shed, though not long opened, also have their own way of celebrating a legacy wrought in Brighton. The building now known as The Milk Shed was once a dairy serving Brighton’s Royal Pavilion way back in the 1800s. Fast forward a couple of hundred years and King George’s old dairy is now a centre of coffee roasting excellence with some of the city’s finest coffee experts gathered under one roof. Between them, the Milk Shed Team have decades of experience in every aspect of coffee making and hospitality.

The team source incredible quality green coffee beans direct from the growers and roast them with passion and respect. Just as great chefs treasure their knives, they also work with the best equipment available.The Milk Shed team’s passion, knowledge and fantastic coffee meant for us at UnBarred, the opportunity to collaborate was a no brainer.