UnBarred x Fallen Acorn: Wee Heavy

We’ve collaborated with Fallen Acorn Brewing Co. to create something traditional with a modern twist. Fallen Acorn are a microbrewery in Gosport, Hampshire. They strive to deliver the highest quality beer from traditional styles and brewing techniques, by pushing modern boundaries and combining a range of brewing experiences, with a passion for innovation.

Offering a range of styles, they aim to brew something for all tastes, breaking the divide between traditional and craft and instead of seeing all as simply, beer.

When planning this collaboration beer, Jordan was taken on a nostalgic journey of his own career, his first brewing role where he was taught by the former head brewer of Greene King. In this job, Jordan learnt many lessons in traditional UK beer brewing and styles. Fallen Acorn similarly comes from a traditional background and beginnings.

Both teams are drawn to and excited by the idea of what beer can be and the wonderful modern twists that can be taken whilst having a strong focus on the quality and heritage of brewing.

We thought we would throw a curveball with this collaboration and brew something very traditional with a mild twist to honour both our roots. Enter, Wee Heavy.

Wee Heavy is very much about the malt and the nuances of the mash tun and clean fermentation process. We blended Fallen Acorn’s house strain yeast with a clean English strain to accentuate the malt profile.

Unfortunately, we do not have natural springs here but live in the valley of chalky Brighton, so we have changed the chemistry of our water to match the Scottish water profile. What we could bring from Scotland was Heather, bringing exciting floral spiced notes.

Wee Heavy is a deep copper colour, with a rich complex malt base. The heather is balanced with a honey sweetness. Expect biscuit & caramel sweetness with floral spiced notes from the heather and subtle dried dark fruits in the background all rounded off with a light honey hue, bringing a gentle modern twist on a classic style but still honouring the tradition of a wee heavy.

We are packaging the beer into the most formats we have ever done. Limited amount of Cask, which is the first time in over years we have casked a beer, Keg and Can.

Wee Heavy is available now