IPA Tour: Cold IPA

IPA is king, always will be. This year we are looking at IPA’s on our IPA Tour of the world. 

Learning from our NEIPA series last year, was very much about hops and learning how to use the hops in different ways. We now want to use what we have learnt to build this into the IPA style, continuing to bend science, learn and challenge what is perceived as an IPA.

Enter the Cold IPA, something categorically different than IPL or other IPAs before it. IPA with lager yeast: recipes in this fashion employ a clean IPA recipe, and we used Pilsner yeast, fermented at ale temperatures. High fermentation dry-hopping with additional cold dry-hopping enabled us to create a hybrid of an IPA and Lager style. Lagered for a longer period on the second dry hop, we have been able to maximise the flavour profile without losing what makes this truly special. 

The malt grist was made up of 30% rice, commonly used in American Lagers to reduce the malt profile and let the hops do all the talking. In doing so, this process lends more simple sugars for the yeast to clean up and leave a dryer finish. It may have made digging the mash out more of a gelatinised mess for the team, but it was worthwhile.

Bursting with flavour. It is not an IPL or an Imperial Lager – it sits somewhere in-between both of those and is decisively unique Cold IPA. It has a magnificent hop aroma, clean, gentle bitterness and a bold, clean finish that makes you crave another sip. It’s Cold IPA. 

We’ve used some big hitters for the hop lineup, Idaho 7, Galaxy and Simcoe. A blend of tropical, citrus and pine.

Expect fresh and tinned pineapple, delivering huge bursts of tropical juice on the nose. Coming in at 8.4%, it drinks incredibly easy with a very low haze, bright and clean all rounding off to a balanced bitterness and dryness from the yeasts.

Starting this series, we have partnered up with the incredibly talented Snapclicker to design the label for Cold IPA. Snapclicker is a visual communications, marketing & graphic artist who has been based in the music industry for over 15 years.

His freelance creative work includes merchandise consultancy, digital delivery, physical manufacturing & distribution for record labels, marketing, social media strategy, graphic design & photography.

Every other month we will be releasing a style of IPA and work with great, local creatives for the can artwork, with a focus on street art. Each artist will produce a canvas version of their work which will auction at the end of the year and donate the profits to local charity AudioActive.

AudioActive is a non-profit organisation that creates social change through music and develops emerging talent. They've built a unique community in Brighton and across Sussex with a vision of better futures through and for music.

In 2022 AudioActive has big plans for a new space in Worthing. By setting up a hub for both social innovation and music/talent development on Worthing's Montague Street, we will further continue our work in the town, expanding beyond the free music sessions that we already offer to young people locally.

Offering a space for our free-to-access music sessions, as well as a hub for creativity in Worthing, the new AudioActive space will have a fully equipped music production suite, community and resident studio space, subsidised offices for music industry development and partners, and a ground-floor community space used as a record store, café and live music venue.

AudioActive are doing some incredible work in our community and we are pleased to be part of supporting them this year. 

Check out our Cold IPA Tasting video here: https://youtu.be/7DwElvQNFPI

Our Cold IPA is available now.