Faye Fillingham NEIPA Series #09.21

We are happy to feature this dramatic and beautiful shot by the super talented Faye Fillingham for this month’s NEIPA.  

Faye is a freelance artist, director and screenwriter from Brighton. She works in several different disciplines including film, photography, animation, AR and virtual reality. Her style focuses on clean lines, bold colours, otherworldly characters and a dark sense of humour. 

After working in virtual reality with clients such as Somerset House, Wimbledon, and Jaguar, and writing the video game Syren VR, Faye has been working as a freelance photographer, studio assistant and model whilst writing several spec feature films and exploring her visual style. 

Faye’s passion for photography begun in her teens after her aunt gifted her a subscription to Vogue. She always had a passion for painting, specifically realistic portraits of people. The imagery by photographers like Mario Testino and Tim Walker in Vogue opened her eyes to the world photography had to offer.

Due to the pandemic, Faye’s usual arena of work in a studio had been closed to her so she began to venture outdoors for shoots. This shot of Jean Hackman surfing was taken after the first lockdown and Faye was left in awe of what he was doing in the water. A keen surfer herself, Faye was stunned by what Jean was doing in this spot, known for huge columns coming out of the water, he showed his skills at navigating the waters in style.

“I am super excited about being on an UnBarred can! As well as getting into new styles of photography I started drinking craft beer for the first time and I am always in love with the amazing designs you find on different cans. Can't wait to sit down with Jean, crack one open and admire this collaboration!” Faye Fillingham.

You can find out more about the great work Faye is doing here.

Jean Hackman got into surfing in his native Australia at 8 years old, having picked up the sport from his brothers. Now surfing professionally, he is an endorsed athlete of Brighton’s iconic Ocean Sport.

Jean’s love of surfing not only comes from the physical pursuit but also the mental health benefits. “Out in the ocean, even in Brighton where it can be rough, there is a sense of peace and calmness that comes with surfing, it settles and grounds me.” Jean Hackman

Jean’s passion for surfing is something he is keen to share and regularly offers advice to the next generation of South coast surfers. 

On being featured on NEIPA #09.21, Jean said:

“It’s unbelievable! I never imagined I would be able to mix my two loves, surfing and beer, let alone featuring on a can. Faye captured a really special moment for me, and I am so happy it will be shared! Thanks to the great team at Ocean Sports Brighton and Faye for making this moment happen!”

You can see more about Jean over on his Instagram here.

NEIPA #09.21 brings together an exciting new hop, 586 and Citra for the ninth iteration of the NEIPA series for 2021. This soft-bodied New England brings together a gorgeous full roster of flavours. Expect zesty citrus, Melon and Mango supported with Lychee and a hint of herbal notes.

NEIPA #09.21 is available now!