The Story Behind Morale IPA

A moment to showcase the pride in British heritage & brewing in cask and can. Can conditioned like the first “sparkling ales” which were introduced during the 1940s.
A beautifully bright copper colour, this beer has a fresh bouquet of floral notes as well as mango and passionfruit.
A perfectly balanced malty backbone with subtle sweetness, a gentle bittering note followed by high notes of tropical fruits and grassy tones.
UnBarred's Jordan sat down for a discussion with renowned Beer Historian, Ron Pattinson and the creative Hop developers of Charles Faram to discuss both the history and making of our Morale IPA.
In this insightful video, you'll hear about classic styles that helped form what we know as craft beer today, the techniques and recipes used and how we've created a tribute to British beer.
Go grab yourself a pint of “Morale”.