The NEIPA Series

New England IPA; an American IPA that is known for its intense, tropical fruit centric, hop aroma and flavour. Dry Hopped, hazy and full bodied, the distinctive traits of a NEIPA are smooth flavours and less perceived bitterness than a traditional West Coast IPA.

In 2020, Head Brewer and Founder, Jordan wanted to create a range of beers that expressed how different a beer could be just through changing the hops each time. Applying his expertise and love for a good New England, a series was born.

With a NEIPA, we could dial in our process and learn the very best way to push the boundaries to get a sweet, smooth body and full hop expression.

With our customised brew kit and know how, we now have a process to hit certain pHs at each stage of the process to get the best out of four ingredients and showcase the style. Even the temperatures, chemistry of water and specific days we dry hop has made a big difference to the outcome.

In 2021, we are continuing with a base beer at 7% and striving to push concepts for each one releasing monthly.

The first of the year #01.21 features Amarillo, El Dorado and Azacca to push lots of soft peach, apricot, tangerine and pineapple from the hops. We're expecting very low perceivable bitterness.

We have some exciting plans for the series over the course of the year from working the most out of the more familiar hops to an all New Zealand hopped NEIPA to celebrate the best hops of the region.

To celebrate our roots, we have worked with several local and professional photographers to use photographs that show some of the culture of our hometown in monochrome. We will be releasing a blog each month on the photographer and their story behind the photograph. Look forward to some great photographs of when we all met in large groups and the sun was shining, while looking forward to sharing a beer with friends again soon!