Our Milkshake Brings All The Bee's To The Yard!

For seasoned UnBarred fans, that introduction alone is indication that it’s back. Reading that will get you buzzing, clamouring to get a few pints, fresh from the Taproom and pubs nationwide. Bottle shops up and down the country will be grabbing hold of cases and cases of cans ready for the big day and the hive of activity that’ll follow. If you’re reading this and you’re confused, then maybe you’re new here and that’s cool - we love new faces - but let us tell you that you’ve been missing out!
Honeycomb Milkshake is UnBarred’s annual summer release. It all started back in 2017 when 3 friends got together to make a beer inspired by a popular chocolate bar. Jordan, Founder & Head Brewer at UnBarred, Jack from Brighton based Bison Beer, and Brett, who now works here at UnBarred as our Marketing Manager. Jordan was contract brewing at the time at a small brewery that produced 500L per brew and offered up his space to brew. The idea was that, if they couldn’t sell what was a very specific beer concept, that they’d just drink it themselves. ‘It was great to have a fun idea with friends over a beer that actually came to life, and even better that it was a beer!’ Brett, Marketing Manager of UnBarred, laughs as he remembers how the idea came to life. ‘As well as being part of the brew day, my contribution to the brew was making some honeycomb for the beer. I always look forward to Honeycomb Milkshake making a return each year now I work at the brewery!’.
So what does that beer look like 6 years on? True to the original beer, local Brighton honey, honeycomb, vanilla and creamy lactose combine for the ultimate balance of decadence and floral, rich, caramel-like fruitiness. The beer's base, a mix of oats, barley and wheat, is designed to be smooth, emulating the honey's texture, but with a certain pillowy feel synonymous with New England style pales. Hops are still present in this beer with El Dorado bringing hop character and balance which is essential to the drinkability of this beer. Make no mistake, while this beer is rich and decadent, what has made it so popular over the years is just how drinkable it is.
True to what we stand for here at UnBarred, and in the nature of the original incarnation, it’s still very much a collaborative project involving local, independent business. Bison were involved from the start, and also offered up their 3 locations for one hell of a launch. First pours were available in each of their 3 locations on launch day and will continue to be for those that were not able to make the big day. Wood & Coal got in on the fun too, making Honeycomb Milkshake inspired small plates.
We’re so proud that a beer, from humble beginnings and borne of true collaboration has become such a big part of not only UnBarred, but our community, both close to home and further afield. Honeycomb Milkshake 2023 continues the legacy, and we look forward to you all being a part of that.