IPA Tour: Kveik

We’ve combined Hornindal Kveik yeast with Amarillo, El Dorado and Idaho 7 to create a brew that’s bursting with tropical aroma! Aromatic citrus, sticky grapefruit rind and sweet pineapple are presented upfront with further complex notes of peaches and dried fruit from the Hornindal yeast.

KVEIK (pronounced like K-VIKE) means yeast in Norwegian local dialect, it is not a style, but a multitude of unique Norwegian farmstead yeast strains used in beers for their distinctive characteristics. There are some common traits amongst this family of yeast such as they ferment very fast, have a ester flavour profiles and they are incredibly robust. Most ales ferment between 18-22c and take up to 7 days to ferment but Kveik ferments over 30c and ours finished fermentation in just 2 days!

We used Kveik in a collaboration with Gypsy Hill when it first arrived for use in the UK and we knew it would be ideal for our “IPA Tour”. The biotransformation of hop compounds and hi fermentation temperatures make this a unique and exciting yeast to work with.

From the many Kveik variations, we chose the traditionally used and ancient Hornindal Kveik, formed in several strains with some naturally produced over many years. Its clean profile helps to accentuate hop character and mouthfeel, whilst also adding layers of complexity with subtle farmhouse funk, orange peel and tangy citrus notes.

This incredible label design comes from our talented friend Mick Mowgli, using his bold and unique style to create this dark yet vibrant skull piece. Mick has a well-earned reputation for his style and we are super happy to be working with him.

“It's been great working with UnBarred, I've always been a big fan of their IPA's and their team have been excellent throughout the project. I also really support their chosen charity, which I feel a personal affinity with through my own experiences. I look forward to doing more with them in the future.” - Mick Mowgli

Later in the year, the original canvas of this artwork will be up for auction to raise money for Audio Active along with the rest of the great pieces we are working on with local artists. Our 5.8% Kveik IPA is available now.