Dark Mild Is Joining The Parti

We’re all very excited about this one! Our first Mild, another step for us into our recent exploration of cask beer and cask conditioning, and yet another parti-gyle release!
Dark Mild is a showcase of flavours from malts at a very sessionable 3.9%. If the success of the recently released and very quickly extinct Best Bitter is anything to go by, then you really don’t want to wait around on this. Sticky dried fruit at the forefront gives way to gentle coffee, chocolate and roasted notes, making for a moreish pint of traditional ale! It’s full of flavour and easy drinking at the same time, a brilliant combination whilst down at your favourite local haunt, catching up with friends and sharing your favourite pub snacks. And being a cask only release, that’s exactly where you’ll have to go to find it! It goes without saying that you’ll be able to grab pints of Mild at our Taproom from the 28th February, but if you can’t get down to us then keep your eyes peeled and make sure you get your hands on a pint!
Not sure what we mean by parti-gyle brewing? You might remember Old Ale, brewed with the second running’s of Stoutzilla and heralded as a triumph by many. If you missed out, or want to refresh your memory, you can have a look back at the blog from November. This luscious Mild, however, has been made from the second runnings of another titan, who’ll be tearing up another part of Brighton soon.
A King is coming…