Andrew Small NEIPA Series #08.21

We are so happy to have the amazing work of Andrew Smalls feature on this month’s NEIPA. 

Andrew is an East Sussex based photographer with a deep passion for picking up his camera, getting outside and making beautiful images.

Self-taught, Andrew has learned the art and developed his own particular style where he drives to squeeze every last bit of detail and sharpness out of his equipment as to produce the image he visualised before pressing the shutter. He then uses his skills to produce a natural and impactful black and white image that has familiarity yet boldly different from his subject matter.

He has become renowned for his powerful black and white photographs of iconic locations across Sussex, and some not so well-known locations too.

“We all face difficult and challenging situations at times and in recent years I've had more than my fair share, so I've found that picking up the camera and going for a walk has been a very welcome distraction and a form of therapy. I can't control the situations around me, but I can pick up the camera and be in control.” Andrew

Andrew’s photograph, ‘Brighton, a changing city’  captures the essence of Brighton, and for us, is vibrant in its black and white composition. Andrew said of the image:

As your eye zig zags it way through the composition you start to see the many layers that makes up Brighton's constant changing history.  Cranes in the background depicting renovation and regeneration, the tops of the opulent Arundel Terrace houses built in the 1800's peaking out above the start of the more modern and distinctive 70's construction of the entrance road leading into Brighton's Marina. What appears to be the remains of a derelict building was the site of Black Rock Lido an art deco construction now covered with graffiti which you'll find all over the city, this more recent struggle of artists wanting to express themselves now sees many businesses and property owners embracing their work with it adorning their facades, while others pick up the cost for removing it. A diverse and less traditional perspective of a city undergoing continuous change

I’m really excited to have this image feature on an UnBarred beer, I love hearing what people think of my photography and what emotions it evokes.’

You can find out more about Andrew at

NEIPA #08.21 arrives Wednesday 1st of September.