I hope you’re all as well as can be during the pandemic. It’s been a trying time for everyone. We’ve been hearing lots of people’s stories and wanted to update you on our plans and how we're continuing to adapt to the situation.

Firstly, thank you all for your continued support. We’re a small, independent business that has had to change from a keg-forward brewery and taproom mostly selling to pubs, to an e-commerce brewery shipping direct to consumer. We’ve used our size to our advantage to make quick decisions and so have evolved to meet this unprecedented situation. We’re fortunate enough to have such a great loyal following for cans and mini kegs.

The encouragement we've received from you all has been mind-blowing.

Having started by offering national delivery within 2-3 business days, NLS Ltd (based in Brighton) has helped us expand our website to accept local orders for next day delivery (initially BN1-3 postcodes), all within a few days of closing our taproom to the public. Thanks for bearing with us whilst we establish a new processes for e-commerce.

As soon as the pubs closed, Brewers Gary and Alex were filling as many mini kegs as possible, fixing our chiller (for the 10th time) and prepping the beers for canning in late March. After an epic 12 hour canning day we were fully stocked and ready to re launch Granola NEIPA - a special beer that many people have asked to be re-brewed from its early days as Granola IPA, one of our first beers. Last time I brewed it, I was contract brewing and didn’t have the incredible team around me that I do now. One of the beauties of having a team is that we are able to perfect the blending and tastings of our beers. Everyone in the UnBarred family from sales to taproom gets involved to taste the beers during the brewing process, ensuring that we finally fit that perfect sweet spot that we’re all happy with. It’s amazing how different people perceive certain flavours, bitterness and sourness, but that range of input is invaluable for ensuring our beers come out top quality. So the new and improved Granola NEIPA has been going down a storm, and at the time of writing is averaging 4.17 on Untappd.

Everyone is adapting amazingly to new roles in the business. Beth, our General Manager and Aaron from Sales have transformed our Taproom into a packaging warehouse. Where people previously drank and had fun, (and will again one day), now stand pallets of empty boxes, sanitiser and a Crowler machine. We’re still using our tap wall to make fresh crowlers (500ml cans filled with kegged beer) for local delivery. Ellie has brought the sunshine, keeping spirits high alongside Jack hitting up the 80’s playlists. Of course, not all at the same time to ensure we follow social distancing guidelines and keep everyone safe and well.

Because of the enforced changes we are going to be an even smaller team for the time-being. But we will do everything we can to keep bringing you the quality, creativity and passion you expect. We have some exciting ideas up our sleeve including an online beer tasting, a virtual collaboration, homebrew packs, a radio show, and luxury gift boxes for that friend in need and more.

Please keep supporting us by sharing our social media and making more people UnBarred. We can't wait to pay you all back with an awesome street party at the Taproom once the craziness subsides.

Much love to you and your family. Take care out there.

Jordan Mower - Founder/Head Brewer

On behalf of Team UnBarred