3B's Is Back!

We are super excited to have 3B’s return for you all. What started as a concept created by Jordan, our head brewer whilst having the mantle as Hove’s first nano brewery and great friend Soundwaves, a passion piece celebrating both East and West Coast IPA styles.  

With the 50-litre equipment, Jordan and Rob took a metal pot and gas burner down to the beach with water, malts and hops. Steeping the grains and then boiling the wort. Adding a touch of Brighton, they used seaweed from the beach as a fining agent. 

To cool the wort down to fermenting temperatures, they poured the boiled wort into a sealable container and threw it out to sea, tied to an empty cask so they could find it after a couple of beers on the beach. Once cooled, the wort went back to the brewery to pitch fresh Belgian yeast. 

“We wanted the best of both worlds. The aromas of banana and clove from the yeast and more fruit characteristics of the hops to suit with El Dorado, Wai-iti, Motueka lending peaches, apricots, lemon, lime and gentle spice.”

As the brewing scene moves forward, the mouthfeel of this beer is like a NEIPA. The high level of wheat is classic to a Belgian style that has all the proteins needed to make NEIPA’s. What makes it stand apart is the depth of complexity delivered by the Belgian yeast and blend of hops. 

“For me this beer is so special because it was forward thinking for the time and shows the journey of UnBarred from a 50-litre kit in a garden to 2000 litre kit in the centre of Brighton with an amazing team.”

The beer sits as a hybrid of styles, our Anti-Ordinary ethos in a beer, we love to blur the lines of tradition and bring something new that sits as a concept on its own. We are centred around a big population of diversity and creativity, something we align with and reflect in our brewing. 

Check out the video, crack a can of 3B’s and let us know what you think.