haze of glory

Fantastic Four

Inspired by our recent jaunt to the West Coast of the US, this week sees four fabulous new UnBarred beers hitting the shelves.

First up is Major Hazer; a hazy, woozy and silky California IPA coming in at 7%, this is one to savour.


Second is the DOPA, bursting with huge citrus flavour and juicy Amarillo hops; think alcoholic breakfast juice and you're getting there.


Third is the insane Chia Latte; a chai-meets-beer mash up with loads of cinnamon, vanilla, ginger, rose, cardamom, orange and tea. Go pour yourself a cuppa!


Finally comes Haze of Glory; a silky bodied, hop forward hazy IPA with low bitterness. Goes down a treat at 5.7%.


Get your hands on these beauties while you can!