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New Beginnings - UnBarred Brighton


We are beyond excited to announce we have moved from cuckoo brewing by establishing our permanent home in the heart of Brighton. The foundations are the existing Holler Brewery site, which launches as UnBarred Brewery & Taproom on 23rd August 2019. The existing Holler team at 19-23 Elder Place, Brighton, are growing with us to create the new chapter of UnBarred Brewery.

Our Journey

It’s been a long organic journey from a shed in Hove to brewing for some international breweries and now planting our flag on home turf. Expressing creation and passion, this means we are “No rules brewing from the heart of Brighton”.

 We have a bigger team and a home to call our own. We will grow with our new family, and share the same views and passion for beer, ’flavour without compromise’.

Our new site

Brighton is unique, full of creativity and a culture of supporting the underdog and listening to the smaller voices. At its heart is integrity and authenticity. We’ve always brewed to push boundaries, even if we’re flying close to the sun.

We are starting with a 2,000L brew house with 6 fermenters and will be adding to these early next year.

The new UnBarred taproom will have 15 taps and 2 cask lines. Not only will we be serving beer, we will also serve sodas made by the brewers on site. Our aim is to offer something for everyone, whether you want a non-alcohol drink with lots of flavor or a beer cocktail, our taproom is here to offer an UnBarred experience. Expect a relaxed environment that takes the brewing process seriously but has no pretentions in the way we serve.

We are working on creating our “secret garden” for a relaxed drinking space immersed in greenery.

As well as complete control over our brews, our new Brighton home gives us the opportunity to offer beers tours, food pairings, tastings and more in the way of events.

 There are so many local geniuses creating incredible food, and we will be working with them to create weekly food pop-ups.

Concepts behind the beers

There are breweries across the UK who focus on offering accessible session beers. We’re here to offer something else. Flavour without compromise, challenging convention with compassion, care and zero ego.

Our beers begin with the concept. For example our Cold Pressed Summer Stout originated when we were introduced to “Gold Coffee Mountain” in Nicaragua. Their incredible project cuts out the middle-man, putting all resources back into the communities that produce the coffee beans. They wanted to do something with the coffee cherries, and we created a base for a white stout, building up the flavours of a stout without the usual colour, using a mixture of cocoa nibs, smoked malts, flaked barley and oats. We made a tea with the Pacamara coffee cherries, steeped vanilla pods and cold pressed their coffee beans. The end result is a pale, stout-esque style beer. It doesn’t sit in any category, we made something new and special that has with a great story and a real message. We promise to keep challenging preconceptions and pushing boundaries.

 We are probably best known for our fruit base and hop forward beers. We can’t produce enough of our Tropic Soda (tropical fruits, hops with a soda twist) and our Mango Pale (mango juice meets beer).

Here’s a geeky bit with what we’ve done in the last month and our plans for the future


Phase 1 – What we are doing before launching on 23rd August 2019

Water filtration for bar and brewery

Welding improvements on fermenters

Spunding valves on all tanks for our signature soft mouthfeel and controlled esters

New testing & lab equipment

Brewing our first beers in our new Brighton home

Redesigning the taproom to be able to offer a full range of flavours, primarily on keg

New furniture and design throughout the garden and taproom


Phase 2 – 2020

Additional lab equipment

More fermentations tanks

Brite tanks to package and serve from our taproom

Extend wet floor into taproom area

Install centrifuge

Extend into shipping containers for storage and production

More FVs and Bright Tanks


I personally want to thank everyone that has been part of our journey so far. From Tom Lacey, my close friend and genius behind our design, my brother-in law Drew, who helps my words make sense and takes the best photos, and Brett, who does our social media, to my friends and family who have watched all my hair fall out and keep supporting me to do the not so obvious thing. I can’t be more touched by my new partners and team from Holler that have put all their trust and support into helping make this next chapter of UnBarred Brewery happen.


Head Brewer and Director

Jordan Mower