12 Beers of UnBarred

12 Beers of UnBarred

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12 Beers of UnBarred

We've created the ultimate beer bundle so that you can try a range of delicious styles.

Featuring Stoutzilla, one the best 250 beers in the world (according to Emma Inch), the gold award-winning Joosy and our latest Pastry Sour, the Blackberry Cobbler.

Included in this bundle...

1x Amazonian Zing | 440ml | Vegan 

1x Stoutzilla | 440ml | Vegan 

1x  Throwin' Shade | 440ml | Vegan 

1x Session Pale | 440ml | Vegan  

1x Chonka | 440ml | Vegan 

1x Honeyberry Pie 440ml | Vegan 

1x Skelter Cold IPA | 440ml | Vegan

1x Table Beer | 440ml 

1x Bueno Shake | 440ml 

1x Casual Pale | 330ml | Vegan 

1x Joosy | 440ml | Vegan 

1x Little Hazy | 440ml | Vegan